We take pride in our ability to create specifically tailored products for different industries based on the needs and requests of our customers.


With our experience in providing tortillas for the food-service industry, we pride ourselves in creating a variety of yellow, white and blended corn flour tortillas to any specification and for any application.

We help foodservice operators differentiate themselves by providing them high-quality products at the lowest price. Your business will benefit from our years of experience, whether you’re an independent restaurant or a restaurant chain looking for quality tortillas to serve your clients.

All of our production is made to order so that we can guarantee you receive the freshest product possible.

Los Altos Tortillas Factory


As our loyal customer base continues to grow, so will our production capacity. Los Altos Tortillas Factory is always ready to deliver fresh Tortillas to your stores.

Our line of premium tortillas captures the authentic taste of Mexico and provides a foundation for any recipe that requires quality tortillas, whether wheat, flour or corn. Our tortillas can be found in many regional grocery chains and independent stores throughout Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

Our supply-chain strategy allows us to deliver our products quickly and efficiently, so your shelves will always be filled with fresh products. Your customers will love the freshness and quality of authentic Mexican tortillas.

Tortillería Manufacturing in Springdale AR

Private Label

For those looking to add a product to your existing brand name and/or label, we can make that happen. Los Altos Tortillas can make, distribute and market any label your business needs to add to their food line. Our mission is to provide our customers with the finest food products for their customers and our manufacturing capabilities provide robust service for those seeking a reliable and professional private label service.

We consider the products we produce for our private label clients to be like our own retail brands. We’ll work with you to customize our production to meet your precise specifications while maintaining our highest standards for quality and consistency.


Our costumers love Los Altos Tortilla for their authentic Mexican taste and quality. Our rigorous process guarantees that every variety of tortilla, wrap, and tortillas chip that we make lives up to the superior standards that our customers expect. Our tortilla products make our customers’ cooking experience easier and more delicious.