Los Altos Tortilleria Factory

Los Altos Tortilla Factory uses state of the art equipment and has been able to fabricate a large variety of corn flour tortilla products. With our experience in providing tortillas for the food-service industry we pride ourselves in creating a variety of yellow, while and blended corn flour tortillas to any specification and for any application. Los Altos Tortilla Factory takes pride in their ability to create specifically tailored products based on the needs and requests of its' customers. Our products range from thick and soft tortillas for enchiladas and table tortillas as well as tortillas with a medium thickness and moisture to create a crunchy taco shell or crispy chalupa shell. We specialize in providing the restaurant industry with the finest quality thin and pre-cut tortilla chips. Los Altos has the finest quality wheat flour tortillas in the industry. Los Altos Tortilla Factory offers a variety of pressed flour tortillas to meet virtually any customers' need. Our flour tortillas can be used for soft tacos, fajitas, burritos, quesadillas, chimichangas, and wraps. We also have available Die-Cut flour tortillas, perfect for frying purposes. The die-cut tortillas make an excellent salad bowl and shells for "bunelos." Our flour tortillas can be manufactured to your specifications. We also have a client list that includes local establishment’s national distributors, as well as restaurant chains. We can also private label any product to your specifications. Our tortilla products will make your cooking experience easier and more delicious.